He Saves Me


He saves me again
I’m at the edge
I’m at the end
he reaches out, he pulls me in

He has the right words
with impeccable timing
he speaks to me
once again I’m smiling

He holds me close
he comforts me
my fears disappear
and my demons flee

My own superhero
My own Batman
he comes to my rescue
and saves me again


7 thoughts on “He Saves Me

  1. It is so convenient to have your very own superhero. And I have a lot of respect for yours. He is a good man and… rumour has it, he looks good in tights. How awesome is that!!

    I have just been introduced to Rumi (your banner… I love thunder and lightning (as we have discussed before) ) and appreciate his quote up top even more, now that I know more about him.

    I just have to comment again on how much I love your lightning pictures. It makes me feel welcome and warm. As do your poems.


    • Thank You for all your wonderful comments. You just make me feel warm and fuzzy. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have my own superhero! ! I have a lot of respect for him too, he is a good man. I’m not commenting on the tights 😉


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