Because – I am crazy busy today conducting the Bitch Train, so I had to dig something out of the vault.

The Migraine Chronicles


because I can’t stay mad at him
I turn my anger within

because I can’t take the pain
when it hits me like a freight train
because I want to die
but can’t even cry

because I’ve forgotten how to trust
and most just disgust
me with their advances
I no longer even take chances

because the lies are too many to count
and the promises just don’t amount
to much or anything at all
but I still take the fucking fall

because I have forgotten how to fight
forgotten wrong from right
because my head is a mess
and my heart is in distress

because I know what I must do
even though I don’t want to
because the pain is unbearable
and it makes me feel just terrible

because forever is a long time
to pay for one’s crime

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