As I am being held captive in a state of uncertainty, in a city on pins and needles I find myself exhausted and spent. Best wishes to all of you, as I try to find composer and rest XO

The Migraine Chronicles


Love, I am tired, exhausted, spent
I don’t even know where my day went
I’m pushing too hard
it’s going too fast
I don’t think I am going to last
I just want to sleep
turn off the alarm
but even in my dreams it’s so hard
for my mind to stop and rest
everyone needing just a little more
they are pushing and pulling
I run for the door
and just as I try to fly away
I am tackled, shackled, detained
for another day
that just fades into one more
leaving me even worse off than before
forgetting eyes, face, touch of a lover
can I just stay here, curl up in corner
maybe nobody will notice…
I am tired,
I am exhausted

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