She Part I ~ A Duet


By Jayne & Bruised Belly

Sometimes need is a lady, soft and seemingly pure
other times she’s a wanton whore SO far from demure

Sometimes desire seduces with romance and charm to entrance
other times, she rushes and straddles you like a bump and grind lap dance

Sometimes lust rolls over your body as a gentle kiss
other times lust consumes you deep with that shuddering bliss

Sometimes love calls with a tender heated stare
other times love pushes with a striking double dare

Need, desire, lust and love
human wants we all speak of

Soft, hard, gentle and rough
if perfectly balanced it’s the right stuff

You want the lady, you want the whore
no matter which you have, you will want more

Love them both and you will see
She will surrender to you, mind and body

When Jayne from over at Diary Incarnate contacted me to write with her I was a little excited (I did back flips down the hall) and wanted to get to work right away.

We both kind of had the same idea, and think the same way, but approach things in very different manners.Β  What we came up with are two different pieces. This happened because our minds went into overdrive immediately and we had so much content that we liked…

Β  She Part I, is posted here and She Part II, is posted at Diary Incarnate.

A huge Thank You to Jayne for contacting me to write with her, the experience has been exhilarating and enlightening XO


8 thoughts on “She Part I ~ A Duet

  1. You are the Belle of the Duet Ball and I got the chance to dance with you! I really like the one you did with Dana and the one you just posted today with Lisa and all of the others you’ve done. I was nervous to write with you because I hadn’t done a duet before. You made it easy and you inspired me to add pictures to posts. It adds hours because I get lost in visuals but you made it easy. Thank you again, Jayne


    • Thank YOU!! Your approach at writing is unique and I’m honored you shared with me. I love duets, and hope to do many more as I am enjoying all of my collaborations so much. (Your digging the pics, huh, giggle)


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