I Just Don’t Give A Shit

One year ago, I am trying to remember why I was so mad at poor little Johnny, teehee…

The Migraine Chronicles

I don't give a shit

Little Johnny has angered me

what will his punishment be

well, let’s see


he will get

nothing at all from me

no loving words

no kisses no hugs

no biting lips and tugs

of zippered blue jeans

nope he gets nothing from me

no late night

chats on the phone

when he is all alone

yep, Johnny has made me mad

and I won’t do a damn thing about it

because right now I just don’t give a shit

about any of it

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16 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Give A Shit

    • Mr. WILLY?! Well hello!!! You have been missed friend. No worries, I only stay angry for a little while. And then I either kiss and make up or axe you out of my life completely… really the choice is all up to the offender πŸ˜‰


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