The View of Interpretation ~ A Duet


Written by Michael Agostino & Bruised Belly

I sit dormant in a church pew
Shrouded in sin losing my view

I stand at this pulpit trying to reach you
But I’m wondering, how can I get through?

I hear a pastor preaching from the pulpit
The bible is his gun, his voice the trigger and each word hits like a bullet

I know it isn’t enough for me to simply read from this Holy Book
I beg you please to dig deeper and continue to look

Even hardened hearts aren’t bulletproof
I want to leave from up under my Fathers roof

What must I say to get through to your hardened heart?
You must stay and participate; you must do your part

The guilt makes me want to run
My self-righteousness starts to come undone

I know you have guilt, I know you have sin
I understand my child, this is where we begin

Deep down I know right from wrong
But deep down I just want to belong

We give up ourselves from our own selfish needs
Humbly broken falling to our knees

So I sell myself and my Maker short
Between the verses I distort

Believe truly and wear your faith on your sleeve
Love is always right no matter what we believe

It’s outdated and open to interpretation
Even though in my heart I know only through Jesus lies salvation

The interpretation is Love whichever words you read
At the end of the day it is for Our sins He did bleed

His blood covers my sin like snow
He tells me that I am free but the grip of my sin won’t let me go

Salvation is given freely if you ask it of him
It is pride in your way; it is Not your sin

I told you more was on the way….

I have been inspired to write this type of piece ever since I read A Poet Hiding In A Church Pew on The Bus Stop Blues, so I’m very happy that Michael agreed to write this with me.  Please, if you have not already, stop by his site, The Bus Stop Blues and read Micheal’s stories.


6 thoughts on “The View of Interpretation ~ A Duet

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