Here We Are

Digging through the vault. My mind is fuzzy today, no new words…

The Migraine Chronicles

Here We Are
I wanted to drive

I wanted to keep driving
I didn’t want stop, go to work or get out of my car
I just wanted to drive somewhere far
away from here
from everywhere

but where
where is That place?

I don’t know
I can’t remember
behind my eyes I see blurred faces
too far gone
too far past
to ever, ever get back

so where do I go
where do I drive

I could go North
to visit the family, those still alive
to visit old friends
those who still talk to me
I could drive
knock on their door and see
if they’d like to sit and talk
visit awhile
over coffee

I could drive west
look up an old boyfriend
or two
but then what would I do
they are “old” for a reason
so I think I’ll
let that be

so I will
sit right…

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