Our Own Music (A Duet)

Another delightful experience with my wonderful partner nottooold2. I could say more, but I’ll let the poetry speak for itself 🙂

Insecurely Confident

We never said it would be easy

This life we’ve entered into

Both coming with armfulls of baggage

Both with bit of skewed view


We can handle all the baggage

What matters now is me and you

Apart, together in word and rhyme

We do the best that we can do


Making our own music

Dancing in our own time

Apart, together we go

Your hand holding mine


Hand in hand, heart to heart

Our thread and private tune

Cacophony of outside noise

To us is picayune


The slightest things in fact so great

When shared with generosity

All is great when affection blooms

This wonderful spontaneity


 So let the world throw its fit

It can’t affect the two of us

Focusing on each other’s face

To outside folly oblivious

Once again my dear partner, bruisedbelly at the Migraine Chronicles , has made this experience far…

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