Blessings ~ A Duet

 Blessings by Michael Agostino and Bruised Belly

There’s grace in the mistakes that I have made

Sometimes lemons are for lemonade

Many of times I should have said no

Many closed doors He has turned into open windows

Even when my actions cause me to burn

There is a lesson to learn

And maybe He doesn’t answer the way we want Him to

Perhaps He tells us “no”, and we fear we aren’t getting through

But maybe prayers unanswered are just Blessings in disguise

And we need to take the time to enjoy what’s placed before our eyes

Like death bringing a family back together

Making us humble after devastating weather

Learning to live because you’ve just faced death

Renewed faith in life, with your baby’s first breath

Throwing in the towel just so it can be caught

Learning how to fly when I can hardly walk

Being broken, and humbled until I’m on my knees

Only to discover that is exactly what I need

Because when everything falls apart in this life

I am given so much more in Christ

Another Blessed writing experience with the talented Michael of The Bus Stop Blues.  Please do yourself a favor and head over there to check out his independent writings.




21 thoughts on “Blessings ~ A Duet

  1. Wow, you two are a great team, because the result of your collaboration is fantastic!
    I wonder, how did you collaborate? How does it work? Everyone just keeps adding a line? I am curious. 🙂


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