Synchronicity Of Heart


The Migraine Chronicles

with you

Something deep inside me
screaming out for you
mind and body burning
this feeling must be true

And deep inside of me
a fire I can’t put out
through the day, through the night
it’s your name alone I shout

Minutes turn to hours
hours turn to days
cacophony of passion
my mind is in a haze

My mind is whirling
spinning uncontrollably
don’t ever let it end
this feeling you give to me

We share this feeling dear
so naturally it flows
effortless and fluidly
our connection grows

Connection becoming stronger
by leaps and by bounds
feelings so much deeper
than I can wrap my mind around

It’s crazy when you think of it
miles and miles apart
two people intertwined by fate
synchronicity of heart

A Duet by- nottooold2 & bruisedbelly

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