Moon Dance

So, I took a chance and danced under the moon with Benjamin. It may be a bit Taboo, but what of it 😉 Read this and then stick around his site for more reading enjoyment.

The Breakdown of Taboo

When I look at you
I howl as if I’ve never
seen a full moon before
I am no person around you
I am only animal and instinct

and on the prowl
unspoken wanton needs
create an uncontrollable howl
full moon shining restraint crumbles

Seated on the curb of my soul
there is a primitive urge
to wear as much clothing as the sky

With no inhibitions
alive, wild and free
under the moon succumbing to nature’s needs

Together, we howl
like the wind through the wind

This poem was written by myself & bruisedbelly
Check out her stimulating blog:

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