Sometimes you ARE alone – thinking aloud

Because some times you are alone. But all times we need to continue to talk about it.

D i a r y I n c a r n a t e

Just as we talk openly about other things, I can’t say I hear regular conversations of the serious lead-filled steps we all have to take from time to time.

Sometimes the despair or sorrow or grief IS to be felt alone. Technically, I could be open about such emotions but I really can’t share it. Someone can be empathetic which is like a cool breeze on a disgustingly humid day but still, it’s mine to get through. Having another soul to hold my hand through a difficult time is a blessing and I’m lucky when that happens. The bottom line is that sometimes we are the one and only single person on this planet who can scale that mountain for ourselves. You can’t ask someone to go to the bathroom for you. I love asking people but no one has accomplished this for me. Disgusting comparison but it’s oh so accurate.


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