Just My Imagination – Let’s Try Again ;)


It is a beautiful morning

as the sun shines through the window

unto my back as I apply my makeup

I smile

as he comes up behind me

and slides my sheer robe

gently from shoulders

kissing the nape of my neck

cupping my breasts

anticipation vibrates through my body

I close my eyes

to breathe him in

lean back into him…

fall back unto my bed as my imagination kicks in

run my hands over myself

feel the momentum mount

damn I miss his touch

wanting, needing so much

fingers between my legs

moans on my lips begs

shuddering waves of climax

my imagination and I relax


16 thoughts on “Just My Imagination – Let’s Try Again ;)

  1. Nice, i’ll be thinking about this post for awhile, those moment i lye in my sleeping back and fall asleep… See you in my dreams, ifinn you don’t like i understand no!


  2. I’m glad you didn’t hit the floor. I was wondering how you were going to imagine through that, Clever girl! What gorgeous stockings you have on, and you must have one of those selfie remote controls because you take great pics of yourself. ; )

    Liked by 1 person

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