She Wonders, Out Loud


maybe it was the words
maybe it was the song
she wasn’t sure
but she knew it was all wrong
something snapped
in a moment
maybe less
something that caused her
a bit of distress
she didn’t feel pretty that day
not from the start
not on her face
not in her heart
she wasn’t quite broken
but she wasn’t quite whole
what she was
she didn’t quite know
her bottom was falling
or maybe her sky
she knew that it was
but she didn’t know why
her steps were off-balance
her song was off-key
her smile had faded
her spark was dimming
she wasn’t in the dark
yet she wasn’t in the light
she was someplace in between
she just wasn’t right
she couldn’t explain
what she felt inside
it was easier she thought
to run and hide
Fuck You she screams
to the girl in her head
get your crazy under control
before you end up dead


13 thoughts on “She Wonders, Out Loud

  1. I love these moment in time and introspective pieces. You have a way of putting into words what many people feel, yet don’t understand or don’t know how to communicate. You give voice to feelings and emotion.

    Liked by 1 person

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