The Haunting of Me – Part II

On the third eve of his visits
I kept my eyes closed tight
hoping with all hope
he does not taste my fright

He runs his cold black hand over my cheek
spews venomous poison close to my ear
hisses so I am sure
to feel nothing but fear

You can run, love
but you cannot hide
I will always find you
in the dead of the night

You have been listening again
to what they have to say
the lies they tell you
in the sunshine of the day

They tell you, you are pretty
they tell you, you are smart
it’s all lies silly women
for only I, know your heart

He sits back waiting
for the response he knows will come from me
What more do you want
how much more can I bleed

You have taken my flesh
you have taken my blood
you have taken from me
those I have loved

Please I beg of you
please let me be
Please I beg
Don’t take THIS from me

He faded into the shadows
I drifted into nightmares
until my morning sunshine
calmed my wicked fears


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