Here and Now

One Year Ago, and I still have a pile of work on my desk – some things never change…back to work for me 😉

The Migraine Chronicles

Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

The here and now
the now and here
well, of course that is quite clear

it is a cold brisk morning
I wish I were still snoring
however I sit at my desk

stare at my pile of work
I am perplexed
where do I start

where do I begin
I guess I should just dig in
I am here and now

I am in the present
but I wonder
where the time has went

how did I end up
in this place
why am I running with

this rat race
why am I not on a beach somewhere
with a gentle breeze

blowing in my hair
I’d love to feel that for a while
but my mind is pulled back to my pile

so right here and right now
I’ll get back work
I have a lot

oh, Wow

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