The Haunting of Me – Part III


Last night he came to haunt me again

I didn’t even want to play pretend

I sat straight up and looked him in the eye

I said please kill me or depart my life

He laughed his cruel laugh as if I was insane

I said, Look Mister, with your scary gnarled hands

I’ve packed up my past, I’ve told it goodbye

Did not shed a tear from these hazel eyes

My future looks bright; you can’t take it from me

Go on with yourself, just let me be

He sneered at me, said, you don’t understand

I don’t give up, I’ll push until you bend

I smiled back, sweet as pumpkin pie

That’s alright I said, visit until I die

I’m stubborn, I fight, I rise above

I’ll never give in, nor give up on love

He disappeared into the shadows, finally

I put my head on my pillow and slept soundly


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