I took a ride to a fantasy
but what I found was my reality
it’s funny how things seem to change
yet, how they really stay the same
how I thought I needed to be saved
somehow set free
How I revert back to fairy tale
and fantasy
when the truth of reality
becomes too much for me
How when I step back
and take another look
reality is in fact what will be
my saving grace
When confronted by the truth
right in front of my face
I find that those few who step from the shadows
to lend an honest hand
listen, pray, believe
and meet me where I am
those who have supported
and lifted me
have shared their hearts
open and honestly
those who have given me
their true reality
those are the ones
I need standing next to me
when I step back and take another look
I set down my
fairy tale book
I embrace the truth in real time
I have come to realize
My reality suits me quite fine


14 thoughts on “Reality

  1. You kind of said it in your reply to jensenempire2551… back and forth. It’s a balance. I’m starting to wear that idea out, aren’t I?
    Now let’s talk about you riding this Unicorn. Are you topless and is it galloping or trotting (in slow motion)? Muahahaha

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