A Valentine’s Day Ride

Valentine’s Day
The day for love and romance
Roses, candy, cards and dinner dates
I depart from these traditional things
Climb upon my Unicorn
I whisper “giddy up”
As my thighs control the trot
The breeze gently whips through my hair
Blowing my unicorn’s mane across my bare breasts
And we ride
Oblivious to cute couples holding hands
Oblivious to lovers
New and old
I smile, to myself, to my unicorn
Slap my thighs a bit to increase our ride
My bare breasts bounce slightly with our increased gallop
Lovers, cute couples, valentine day traditions
Are oblivious to us
As we ride on


23 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Ride

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      • Honestly – it sucks. I hate the whole concept of the holiday – for the reasons you have mentioned as well as the fact that the media feels the need to bombard you with Internet dating commercials, jewelry commercials and florists. It is the same thing every year and nothing ever changes. And even when I had some one to be with, they were doing whatever the hell they would do, which meant typically doing stuff without me or not wanting to spend time with me. So, it is the usual lonely factor. Always the same lonely factor. So, I am trying to be optimistic and tell myself that I have a 55lb dog who wants to be me – which is better than no one wanting to be with me.

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