Tell Me Something Beautiful


Tell me something beautiful
Something I need to hear
I can’t breathe right now
Not without you near

Tell me something beautiful
Something that I can feel
My lungs can’t take pressure
I need to know you’re real

Tell me something beautiful
The darkness covers me
Tell me that the light remains
So maybe I can see

Tell me something beautiful
You know I’m fading fast
Please tell me something beautiful
Why do you make me ask


36 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Beautiful

  1. i’ll tell you, that you’re beautiful
    you should never have to ask
    within life, enjoy while you remain
    believe in your reality while it last.

    love your poetry, i feeling touching souls,
    i wish upon you, a blink, two winks and handful of kisses…

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  2. When jordan instagramed it the other day, I was shocked and surprised. Because I have not heard these words from someone close – next to me – in so many years. I can’t even recall when some one has.

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  5. This could so easily be a song.

    Hmm. something beautiful.

    I wish I knew you. Maybe as a neighbor , or coworker, or waitress at some hamburger stand I go to in the summer. Why? Because I think there would be nothing more delightful than simply adding one element to everything you write; context.

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