Color Me ~ A Duet


A Duet By Kimberly at Words4jp’s Blog & BruisedBelly

Color me

Red, green, even blue
color me
every hue

The brights the dulls

the rainbow scheme

color me beautiful

color me

A plethora of tones –

Subtle pigments, vibrant statements
an ever changing contradiction

Never to be contained.

Kimberly commented on my 50 Shades post that she was pretty much fed up with Shades of grey and much preferred Red, in fact she preferred Hues rather than shades.Β  A few comments, a few e-mails, and this is what two colorful women come up with πŸ™‚

If you haven’t danced with Kimberly at her blog Words4jp’s Blog, I suggest you do.Β  There you will find such beautiful words, and feelings to dance along with.


18 thoughts on “Color Me ~ A Duet

  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to write with you again. I love the photograph. I speak for myself when I say it truly personifies me…all the way down to the pointe shoes:) It is a true pleasure to choreograph words and ideas with you. xxxxxxx

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