Tease Me?! – Round 1

He stands in front of her, shirtless
his jeans unbuttoned, resting just below his hips
she likes them like that
he knows, he is teasing,
he teases her

She turns from him, I’m mad at you
“I’m not talking with you”
Yes you are, he says, grinning and pulling her closer to him
she says, no, I’m not, I’m mad at you

All the while nibbling his neck and playing with the waist of his jeans
who is teasing who
she wants him
she is hungry for him, fucking starving

The nibbles turn to bites down his chest
he is saying…something…she doesn’t hear
he is delicious
her mouth continues to lower as her hands drop those jeans

She is no longer teasing
he is still talking, what the fuck is he saying?
Shut Up!! she orders him
then her mouth is full of him, hard and swollen

She can’t suck hard enough, she wants all of him
she has been starved for far too long
she licks to his balls, she must taste, no, devour
she almost cums with the thought

She manages to free her tits
rubs them on his legs while she sucks and licks his balls
OMG he is speaking
Shut Up!!!

She is beyond teasing, beyond control
she is on fire and only he can hose her down
she cups his throbbing cock between her breasts
licking the tip as she rocks back and forth

He cums with a brilliant explosion on her face
she heard him that time “fuckkkkk!”
she falls back, relaxed, full
ready for round 2

Red Ribbon Submission

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