Help Me Forget


she says in a voice dripping honey
I don’t want your love
I don’t want your money

I just want you hard
inside of me
my mind is confused
I just need to breathe

I just want to forget
I don’t want to care
Can you lend me some time
help me clear the air

Can you give me some touch
no strings attached
an hour or two
I promise I won’t latch

Just bring me to life
once or twice, maybe more
then take your leave
walk right out the door

Just help me forget
help me if you please
help me forget
the fucker who broke me


15 thoughts on “Help Me Forget

  1. i find the problem with having someone help me forget is that i am stuck having to forget them to…it is like adding to a pile of shit…it keeps building and building…and then you are stuck with a bunch of shit you want to forget about.

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