What He Likes

Digging through the vault as I have little time to write – XO

The Migraine Chronicles

This is inspired by the Blake Shelton song – What She Likes – only this is the “flip” side.

He likes telling her, her hair is all wrong
and also that scent is a little strong
he likes it when she is feeling low
because he knows it was a good blow

He likes telling her, her lipstick is too red
and that she is way too loud, in bed
I swear he likes to see her tears
right before he finishes that beer

He likes telling her she’s put on a little weight
and she needs to lay off that piece of cake
but he weighs a hundred more pounds than her
you can’t mention that or his feelings get hurt

He likes to tell her when that dress doesn’t lay just right
and she shouldn’t wear those shoes out tonight
and he feels high when she’s feeling down

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