We Are Done

Digging in the vault loves XO

The Migraine Chronicles


Well Dear
she said
in an unshaken voice
you are lying

you leave me no choice
I have had more than
enough of this shit

I am done
I am calling it quits
pack up your stuff
every last thing

and here,
you can have back this ring
don’t call, don’t message
don’t text

my head, my heart
need rest
I warned you once
I warned you twice

you should have taken
my advice
But, you Sir
are a common fool

I have no more
use for you
the fucks that I give
the fucks that I gave

they are gone
I gave them away
the fucks I had for you
are now fucks

for somebody new
so fuck yourself
and fuck her too
because I am done
fucking you

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