Monday Night Musings

tee hee – time doesn’t change some times 😉

The Migraine Chronicles


It is time to write
it is time to play
but my darling dear
is far away

I wonder if
I time it just right
I wonder if
he will feel me tonight

I wonder if he knows
he has planted this seed
and that is why
I am currently in need

so damned be
the distance
so damned be
the time

I take matters
into these
own hands
of mine

although it is him
that I see
although it is him
I feel inside of me

it is only my hands
doing the trick
but I really wish
it was his dick

so I am back
to writing of sex
because I guess
it’s what I do best

and my mind wanders
but settles on cock
because you all know
that I like it

a lot

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