He broke my heart, when he said Hello

For the good guys

The Migraine Chronicles


He broke my heart when he said
they always do
you know

especially the good ones
you know, the really good guys
they break your heart
every single time

they sneak right up
and rip it out of you
it’s over and done
before you have a clue

it’s not the plan
it’s not what they had in mind
but still it happens
every single time

I think they are surprised
I think they are overwhelmed
to look into their hand
and see this beating heart

to see this thing of beauty
so fragile and so true
right there in their hand
not knowing what to do

sometimes I fear for the good guys
with all these broken hearts
I pray they don’t get discouraged
that they don’t fall apart

as for me
my heart was broken the second he said hello
but I let him say it anyway

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