Not Worth A Title

He’d beat her in places nobody could see

he beat her because of anger and jealousy

He’d burn her where it wouldn’t show

he burned in places only he would know

Her curfew was 9 pm

yet her job required her to work past then

So, she was beaten each Wednesday night

but she loved her job, so she accepted her plight

He’d beat her if his dinner was cold

yet every night he was later than what she’d been told

He’d burn her if he wasn’t sexually fulfilled

but it was his whiskey dick that lacked the proper skills

She was scared to death to mention a single word

he’d threatened to hurt her family and their little girl

One day her co-workers found out the facts

they reported him, and arrested his ass

they called her family who came to help

they packed her up and got her out

She filed for divorce while he sat in a cell

I don’t know where she is, but I wish her well

* This is a true story about a wonderful girl I had the privilege of working with many years ago.  That monster would beat her on her head, so her dark hair would hide her bruises and cuts.  She was the sweetest and most apologetic, shy girl I’ve ever met.  She was my same age but seemed so much younger and much more broken.

When we discovered her truth and gave her a safe environment to share her secrets she quickly, but carefully  opened up.  You could see she was clearly terrified.  While her husband (and abuser) was away at training (he was a military man), we got a hold of her brother who came and packed her and her daughter up and moved them out.  Charges and divorce papers were filed.  She was finally safe.

Please, if anyone finds themselves in this kind of situation, know that there is help and are people who care and are willing to listen and lend a hand.  Don’t be afraid to talk about it.  An abuser uses mind games to manipulate and scare tactics to keep their victims weak.  Words are strength.


9 thoughts on “Not Worth A Title

  1. I hope this is read and inspires others to help. I can’t imagine what she went through and no one should be able to imagine it. I am always grateful when someone makes it out of an abusive situation because there are so many that don’t. Thank you for sharing this.

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