A Performance

The gift that keeps on giving 🙂

Wet Bliss


Face to face on this night

We will communally stroke

Our own unrestrained sex

Revealing what we each like…

Concentrate on my voice

Let it guide your passions

Higher, rub that little nub

Till it rises hard and rejoice

Look into my eyes and mind

Beneath your lowered lashes

As you caress your pinky gash

There’s no hurry we have time

Watching you makes my head swirl

I love the way you body twirls

You’ve got my loins on fire girl

Amazingly, you rock my world

Back begins to gently rock

Grasping this painfully stiff cock

Encased in a skintight fist

Control is beginning to slip

At the sight of your heavenly hips

Swinging under wet fingertips

Sinking in and out of my vision

Eagerly carrying out this mission

Squelching sucking of two digits

Rapidly cumming within minutes

A beautiful performance to witness

Cock in hand throbbing and rigid


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