Watch ~ A Duet

In honor of National Masturbation Month.

The Migraine Chronicles

Watch ~ A Duet by nottooold2 & bruisedbelly


Watching you watching me
you know I want you badly
I’d die right now for your touch
I’d melt into you given as much

I watch you in the moonlight
a beguiling and sensual sight
you touching you, me touching me
nothing chary ‘tween us be

Longing to the point of pain
lips moan to form your name
are your eyes still turned my way
as I enjoy your display

My eyes are focused upon your hand
naughty wet circles at your command
eager fingers work in haste
anticipation builds for that first sweet taste

Aroused by your voyeuring eyes
rising to climax as I
await your eager response
show me it’s me you want

There is no one but you
nothing taboo
our own private pleasure
this time that we treasure

Together yet apart
in mind, body and heart
completion of…

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