Black & Blue

She can’t remember the first hit
as each one bleeds into next
She isn’t sure which of her words
caused him to become upset

She doesn’t know yet
if she is allowed to speak
So she quietly crawls
into the corner to weep

She knows in an hour
he’ll regret what he’s done
Beg for mercy, promise
the moon and the sun

She knows he’ll kiss
away every bruise and cut
Beg her to stay
please don’t give up

If she speaks of it
they will tell her to leave
But they don’t understand
they could never conceive

He really loves her
she knows that it’s true
Besides, she thinks she looks good
in Black & Blue

16 thoughts on “Black & Blue

  1. It was just kismet timing to see this on my reader today. I have a friend who has been going through some abuse that has been elevating in violence. first verbal, then mild chocking, then recently he hit her. She went to stay with her family for a few days, but I think she is back with him again. She is young and unfortunately because of the nature of our relationship I know she is unlikely to listen to me. I will share this with her however. It is beautifully written and very poignant.

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  2. Relationships are complicated at the best of times but I believe that women in abusive relationships have a skewed way of looking at the world; plus fear; plus not knowing where to turn; plus…
    I agree we have to help and support them in any way we can.

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  3. BB, these posts are so difficult to read, but they are also very important for people to read and pass on. Silence is poison and only serves to perpetuate the pain and evil. Hopefully these posts make people uncomfortable enough to act in ways that help someone in need of a safe haven. Thank you for taking us out of our comfort zone. XO

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  4. Being close to this myself I can only imagine what these people go through… Hits don’t always leave marks, sometimes violence isn’t in the form of a punch, that’s the hardest part πŸ˜₯

    Please remember when voicing these topics; men suffer too. I’m waiting to find the man with enough courage to write something like this however ..

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