Internal Noise

It’s that kind of day…
I just want some peace, but how do I run from what is inside of me?

The Migraine Chronicles


Shut up!
Shut up, please
can’t you see you are killing me
I can’t hear myself think
I don’t know what you are saying to me
do this
don’t do that
remember what happened in the past
think about the future
but live for today
really, I can’t decipher what the voices say

I play my music dangerously loud
to try to drown the voices out
they are louder than my music still
they are in my mind like a constant drill
I want to turn off my phone
but I am afraid to be alone
I stay busy and work non-stop
the internal noise
starts to drop

until the second my mind starts to slow
then the noise is back
and I know
I have lost
the voices have won
this is what I have become
a living breathing battle within
I sit back and let the noise win

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