Just going through the vault…

The Migraine Chronicles


Sit Down and Shut Up
lighten the fuck up
now, listen to what I have to say

do you know
I thought about you today

from the moment
that I
opened my eyes
with every
breath, word, sigh

do you know
I hung onto your every word
waiting for the next
like a silly
school girl

do you know
you run through
my veins

do you know
my lips
whisper your name

do you know
how important
you are to me
do you fully understand
and do you see

I think that maybe
you have a clue
but there is something else
I want to say to you

None of That matters
at all to me
if for even one second
I think You are not happy

I know that you know
what I say is true
or I wouldn’t
have said it to you

so listen up

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