For Those Who Have Asked

For a friend who asked…
Unplanned, Unexpected, but most assuredly Unbelievable!!!

The Migraine Chronicles

Sometimes it comes over me in waves
so strong it stops me in my tracks
Sometimes I still can’t believe
and the enormity of it brings me to my knees

Sometimes I am still scared as shit
and want to grab each and every brick
Sometimes I still want to build a wall
but I know it will just fall

Sometimes the yearning is so strong I cry
big crocodile tears from these hazel eyes
Sometimes I replay every detail
just to remind myself this is real

Sometimes I feel his breath upon my ear
I feel his hands run through my hair
Sometimes just out of the blue
I feel his want, igniting me anew

Sometimes the distance rocks me to my core
and I don’t think I can take the pain anymore
But every time I know I can’t walk away
firmly planted in this I stay


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