Three Day Quote Challenge


“Blindness separates us from things; deafness separates us from people.”  –  Helen Keller

I don’t generally succumb to challenges, but I do love quotes!!!!

Johnny has picked me to participate in this challenge, so I guess that means Lisa has a crush on me too???  Or maybe I’m reading it wrong (giggle).

The rules are simple enough…

Post a quote for three days, or three quotes in three days…then invite three bloggers each day.

Today I invite Nottooold2, Jayne, and Souldier Girl

*if you’ve already been invited I apologize in advance, I am not going back and doing all the homework to see who is in this challenge 😉

9 thoughts on “Three Day Quote Challenge

  1. “Oh EASY” I thought….2 hours later, I found all kinds of wisdom and spirituality and natural laws. Then I thought…Is BB trying to distract me, did she send me on long trip …hahaha You know how I get lost in pics and quotes. xoxo, J

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