Debauchery ~ A Duet

A Collaboration between Nottooold2 & BruisedBelly

For all that I yearn
is between your smooth legs
my glistening shaft
throbs and it begs

Drops of excitement
dance on the crown
linger a moment
before trickling down

My tongue to your clit
your hand on my cock
stroking so gently
your hips start to rock

Back and forth
and circle around
from deep in my chest
animalistic sounds

Your member so hard
with glorious drips
I bring to my mouth
craving a lick

I’m dying to feel
you inside of me
I cum at the thought
so hot, sweet, sticky

You’ve tasted my drips
now let me taste yours
like sweet drops of honey
it trickles and pours

Plunging inside
your sheath ’round my blade
thrusting so deeply
legs open and splayed

Muscles constrict
within your wet walls
this friction and lust
spews seed from my balls

Now that we’ve cum
both sated and spent
resting in peace
and loves afterscent

So before We both got busy as shit, We spent a little time together “writing”Β  πŸ˜‰

Writing with Nottootold2 is always a great pleasure of mine!!!!Β  To view his independent writing as well as other wonderful duets he has collaborated in, please visit his blog Insecurely Confident, where you will find a little of everything.

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