It Was Getting Late

*Trigger Warning*


She downed the handful of pills,

answered the phone

Yes, thank you for calling

No, I’m not alone

She watched the water fill the tub

as her friend commended her strength

She told her “Goodbye”

you see, it was getting late

She slipped into the warm water

the blade tore into her wrist

As her strength oozed from her veins

she doubted she’d be missed

14 thoughts on “It Was Getting Late

  1. Thought and memory provoking.
    The truth is that everyone you knew or know would miss you, although that may not seem to be the case at the time, or even matter, depending on the mindset and reason for doing.
    It’s always worth putting that off for just one more day, every day, until maybe it isn’t the only solution, at least one hopes so, unless there really is no other solution. Which is very sad.

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