The Scar

*Trigger Warning*

His visits to her dreams, are rare and few

Just a reminder of a life she once knew

He has become a symbol of her weaker self

The girl she has worked so hard to shelf

She awoke and rubbed her left arm

She could barely see it anymore, the scar

Yet, when the dreams came, she felt its sting

Burning through her flesh, the memory

The scar carved with love and tenderness

Then burned over and sealed with a kiss

Cut, to drain him from her veins

Sealed, so the memory would remain


7 thoughts on “The Scar

  1. The wonderful woman such pain has helped create is a gift to more hearts, minds and souls than you probably realize. Word such as these are evidence of how amazing you are. They touch far more than just those who “like” or “comment”. A cathartic release for you, a saving grace for someone you may never know. XO

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