My Jealously Gets The Best Of Me

those sheets, oh those lucky sheets…

The Migraine Chronicles

I am jealous of the red pen you use to write

I’m jealous of the pillow you dream on at night

I get jealous of the seat that warms your buns

Even jealous of the moon and the sun

The shower water that washes over your skin

Darling that is just where I begin

Morning coffee as it hits your lips

The cold crisp air giving you a kiss

Your sheets rubbing against your legs

The razor that gives your neck a shave

The breeze blowing gently through your hair

Pool water touching you everywhere

The mirror looking deep into your eyes

And I am even jealous of the night

The hours that take you away from me

When you dream when you sleep

Your phone that sees your smiling face

Your steering wheel that gets your hand’s embrace

I’m just a silly romantic girl

Jealous of the little things…

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