I Dance with Depression

I dance with depression
a slow sorrowful waltz
dips and twirls
that fade in and out

It’s not glamorous
the dresses have no frills
there are no vivid colors
disco balls or thrills

I don’t know when my partner
will show to take
me by my hand
I’d like to tell him no
but the choice isn’t mine


He pulls me to the floor
before the music starts
the dancing begins
as my self-preservation

Thoughts of death and suicide
slowly infect my mind
I don’t want it to happen
but it does
from time to time

You see
I dance with depression
I try to tell him no
but he drags me to floor
and it’s happening more
and more

6 thoughts on “I Dance with Depression

  1. The easy “answer” is to say, don’t take his hand and don’t listen to him….. But the reality of it is that is easier said than done. Just remember there are other hands willing to take yours. Sometimes they just know when to grab for you. Other times you may need to tell them, but they will be there.
    Life isn’t always up-beat and sexy and you have a knack for sharing all facets of life. Great post.

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  2. That nottooold always has the right things to say. I was going to say that I wanted to write some lines about other “people” on the floor but it’s not that easy to write an answer into being. I wish I could do that for you. I’m always lifted by your ways of addressing hard facts of life and even though that may not ever change your mood when you need it, I hope you know what a lighthouse you are, even when you go dark. I still know you’re there and you make me stronger just by being there. I mean that BB xoxo, J

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