Pick Up Line ~ A Duet


A Duet by Dana & BruisedBelly

I can’t help but stare
at the striking pair
Passion radiates from them

I approach on a whim
Licking my lips, I ask him
“Do you care to share?”

Suddenly, my man can’t speak
It seems, he’s weak in the knees
So I answer on his behalf

“What his grin is trying to say
Is that, we like it that way
and I like that ass.”

My fingers follow my eyes
from her pouty lips to parted thighs
“You’re this girls dream.”

“While he finds his voice
Kiss me and let’s rejoice
In this new friendship.”

Maybe, we leave this man behind
while you and I entwine
let’s turn it up a bit

Racing to my car, we turn
throwing kisses that burn
the imagination of the man left

to slowly, slowly churn…


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