Why Do We Hate? – Guest Post

Black and white,
Why do we fight?
Gay and straight,
Why do we hate?

It’s time to look inside
For we are the all the same
We can still turn the tide
It’s time to stop the blame

If we all stand together
We can end this pain
Let’s make the world better
It’s time to join the peace train

It’s time to abort
This war we wage
Life is far too short
To be so full of rage

We can still make this right
It’s never too late
To stop the fight
Why do we hate

* My son sent me this yesterday, with this note “I was bored, you can use this for your site if you want.”Β  He started writing recently to clear his head (I have no idea where he gets that from).

7 thoughts on “Why Do We Hate? – Guest Post

  1. Thank goodness someone in the “younger” generation is thinking about things like this. There will always be crazy, envy, evil, etc., but in general WHY do we hate is a valid question that people who carry it must ask themselves. You must be very proud your son. πŸ™‚

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