Girls Night Out ~ A Duet

Too much fun – That’s all 🙂

Wet Bliss


It’s been awhile
Since we’ve reminisced
Let’s go out in style
For tequila shots & lemon twists

Two girls standing out
Catching longing stares
Snubbing men on the prowl
Laughing without any cares

Comparing our notes
Talking anatomy of men
The things they cannot do
Oh, but those things that they Can

Making us crazy
Making us drip and scream
That one on the dance floor
I wanna lick like Ice Cream

Oh, that hot summer day
This song was thumping
It seems like yesterday,
We had all the boys’ cumming

Recalling past trysts
We dare to kiss and tell
With permission and guidance
For Daddy, we both fell

Into a sugary-high
Sampling the sweets
From nips, hips and nether lips
An indulgent, sultry treat

By the end of the night
We have crossed every line
We did it our way, on our time
We came, we’ve cum, we’ve blown…

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