To Live Again ~ A Duet


Looking for myself
In forgotten places
Feeling lost and empty
Among friendly faces

I’ve become a shell
Of who I planned to be
Lost and alone
Searching for me

In a reflection
I don’t even recognize
Mind numbing defeat
Smiles that patronize

Day after day I slip
In to my robotic duties
Cause it’s expected
Where’s the beauty

Where is the feeling
The love, the lust
Looking for myself
Among the lost

Souls wandering
Aimlessly for a touch
Of raw emotions
To be within the clutch

Abandoned passion
Grasping at wits end
Seeking the truths
Where and how to begin

Trusting, loving
Reaching for a hand
Breathing, touching
Living again

A duet with The Great Wet One (Wet Bliss) if you didn’t already know 😉

We like to have fun, and get down and dirty, but that doesn’t mean that we are without feeling and longing.  We are, after all, women.  The Good, The Bad, and The Sexy (did you really think, I was going to say Ugly?)


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