Black Dot – The Lie ~ A Duet

the lie

Black Dot – The Lie

A Duet by Wet Bliss and Bruised Belly
Part I of a Three Part Series

A gentleman brings flowers and candy
He holds the door while you enter his world
Sugar laced promises topped with cherries
Buckle up now, for you’ve become his girl

Gullible or naive she believes it’s her fate
Holds empty vows cause it’s all she has now
A lady stands by her man, paints a happy face
Covering disgrace, screaming without sound

Violence ensues and destruction hits
When a tornado meets a volcano
Trapped inside a chaotic relationship
Obscured rainbows and broken halos

Locked away from family and friends
None knowing what she faces each day
Scared and ashamed, depression sets in
She’ll be dead and buried if she tries to get away

Fed a daily regimen of ridicule and pain
Every ounce kills off her hopes and dreams
Given more than she can possible take
Delusional, it can’t be as bad as it seems

*Dedicated to any and everyone who is or ever has been in an abusive relationship.  Please be aware of The Black Dot Campaign.  Please know that most victims living in an abusive relationship want to leave, they just don’t know how.  They literally do not know how to take that first step to freedom.  Please do not be afraid to reach out and help, The National Domestic Hotline (1-800-799-7233) offers help 24/7.


11 thoughts on “Black Dot – The Lie ~ A Duet

  1. Reblogged this on Wet Bliss and commented:
    With gratitude, I united with Bruised Belly in a meaningful way, to promote awareness on domestic violence, which is a growing epidemic often ignored until it’s too late. Please don’t look the other way, expose, protect and help those in need.


  2. Omg I have chills and tears- thank you so much for this piece both of you. Holding empty vows- yes that’s it and thinking that is what you are worth. I remember this and it is not easy to leave- so many people have asked me “why didn’t you just leave” – well I got out years ago and I am still trying to leave- you know? Thank you ladies 💗

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