Black Dot – The Escape ~ A Duet

A special thanks to WB for coming to me with this idea. The timing could not have been more perfect. This particular writing has been an amazing therapy for me XO

Wet Bliss

A Duet by Bruised Belly and Wet Bliss
Part II of a Three Part Series
The Lie ~ Part I


Delusional yes, but not yet dead
She formulates her getaway plans
Every detail outlined in her head
Execution falls apart in her hands

Defeated, her mind plays its tricks
Welcoming his or her final death
Then thinks maybe it could be fixed
Her mind and body never gets a rest

Rehearsed actions repeated each day
Surviving not living she starts to fade
A far-away-dream keeps her sane
Her only focus, to get away

Plotting she saves for a change
Everything needed fits in a bag
Hidden and ready to be estranged
She waits, but time seems to drag

Then finally a chance to escape
Quick hurry, before he wakes
Scared to death her body shakes
She hits the gas and never brakes

*Dedicated to any and everyone who is or…

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