How Deeply Cuts Your Knife


Would you have me question myself

my very being and soul

Would you have me crying out, laying

broken on the floor

Would you have me

withering in pain

Bleeding, open wounds

Would you have me to be less

so that You, could be more

My strength stripped away from me

to even out the score

Would you have me on my knees

begging for mercy from above

Do you wish these things

then, call it Love

Do you wish me death

so You, can give me life

Do you even know

how deeply

cuts your knife


7 thoughts on “How Deeply Cuts Your Knife

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  2. You said this so well BB. Everyone that reads this knows someone like this. Those that need to tare others down in a vain attempt to prop themselves up. It is a never ending cycle and always falls just short of their needed goal. Fantastic piece with fantastic feeling and a fantastic message.


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