My heart is broken wide open as I sadly report that Kryptonite found it’s way to my Superwoman in the form of a shower. Her poor heart just could not handle the stress after being so ill for so long. I lost my Dearest Friend, Saturday evening :`(

The Migraine Chronicles

She is Superwoman
the strongest I know
The world tried to kill her
but she’s not ready to go

They say that her heart
just can’t handle the stress
but her heart disagrees
and keeps coming back

She’s been resuscitated
just to flat line again
yet five minutes ago
she tightly squeezed my hand

She says she isn’t strong
yet I’ve always known she is
She’s fucking Superwoman
she’s a boss-ass bitch

*Dedicated to my best friend who continues to fight for her life.

I urge everyone to have a living will, and to also have a DNR with the hospital (if that is your choice).  Please do not leave these hard decisions to your family should it come to that.  You do not know if your family will all agree and even have your best interest in their own hearts.

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13 thoughts on “Superwoman

  1. I’m so sorry. I know how you feel. Woman I love is so ill too and I’m scared of her so much. I know there’s no words that can heal it,but time really heals. I wish you that. Take care sweet. I wish you lot of strength. Hugs xoxo

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