Black Dot – The Flight ~A Duet

A great big giant Thank You to the ever wonderful Wet Bliss for taking control of this final piece!!! XO
I found this one to be very difficult personally as I am still learning to fly (oh, hell, I can barely walk).

Wet Bliss

A Duet by Bruised Belly and Wet Bliss

Part III of a Three Part Series

The Lie ~ Part I

The Escape ~ Part II


The moon has never looked so bright
Shining on her this beautiful night
As she drives she thinks she might
Just spread her wings and take flight

Though she is scared of what may come
She doesn’t look back, what’s done is done
She wishes on a star, prays to heaven
Takes a deep breath, gets to living

Swiping away the tears she’s cried
She pushes her fear and doubts aside
To claim life with a new found pride
No longer ashamed with bruises to hide

She won’t lie, each day it’s a struggle
Cause emotional scars are hard to juggle
But she’s thankful for the daily troubles
That reminds her to dig through the rubble

Each step forward, the smallest victory
Smiling to herself…

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