Look For Me

Look for me later
he reminds me
I’m already looking
and always will be

I look for his eyes
on every face
my heart is broken
when others can’t duplicate

I look for him
among the crowds
although my voice is silent
my soul screams his name out loud

I look for him
as I stare off into thin air
I know he is out there

Look for me…
I’m looking Baby
I always am
and always
will be


5 thoughts on “Look For Me

  1. Did you look
    for him,
    across the hidden sea
    or floating
    amongst the clouds
    where the angels be?

    Have you looked
    beside you?

    He’s sleeping cuddle
    within your arms
    his breath in time,
    as your soft heart beats
    creating loving rhymes.
    Open your eyes,

    are you blind….

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